Acting Chief Executive Officer

Bekeshev Yerlan Akhmedovich, born in 1980, graduated From the Kazakh national technical University named after K. I. Satpayev in 2002 with a degree in chemical technology of fuel and hydrocarbon materials. From 2003 to 2007 she studied in graduate school BPH “Institute of chemical Sciences named After A. B. Bekturov” in the laboratory of physical chemistry, from 2011 to 2012 she studied at the Almaty University of Continuous education with a specialty in Finance, from 2013 to 2015, she was trained at the Kazakh National Research Technical University. K. I. Satpayev and received an academic master’s degree in the specialty: “Space engineering and technologies”.

He has been working in the RSE “SIC “Garysh-Ecology” of the National space Agency of the Ministry of digital development, innovation and aerospace industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan (previously DSE “Infracos-ECOS”) since 2005.

His career at the company began as a senior specialist, then professional growth began: leading specialist, chief specialist of the Department of environmental programs, head of the environmental regulation sector of the Department of environmental programs, from 2012 to 2013 he held the position of Deputy General Director. After studying for a master’s degree, he returned to the company.

During the period of his work, E. A. Bekeshev took part in the work to eliminate the consequences of 3 emergency falls of launch vehicles on the territory of our country.

Bekeshev E. A. is one of the authors of invention No. 93328 “Microbial preparation from strains of microorganisms-destructors Acinetobacter calcoaceticum 18, Bacillus sp. 20, Micrococcus roseus 25, Candida sp.12/5, used for cleaning the soil from contamination with kerosene T-1”, has more than 20 scientific papers published in various national and international publications.

Honorary diploma of the National space Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for contribution to development of the enterprise was awarded the honorary diploma BPH “infrakos-EKOS”, in honor of the 50th anniversary of space flight by Yuri Gagarin was awarded the badge of the National space Agency of Kazakhstan.

During his master’s degree, he was awarded a diploma of the VII all-Russian student scientific and technical school-seminar “Aerospace decade 2014” of the Moscow Aviation Institute, Alushta, Republic of Crimea.